Wednesday, December 8, 2010

you smile nd then u cry and later forget what you cried and smiled for!

My Granny she is 84 now ...sometimes I speak to her for hours knowing she'll ask the same question's again and again and repeat the same stories..I wish someone would be there to talk to me if i get a chance to live that long.

Once i asked her what makes you happy at this age....she looked at my face for few mins and said "Once upon a time I used to have sleepless nights thinking how to make means to feed my seven kids the next morning, and i used to pray to God not to make my children go stand in front of other's begging for their food and clothing..and now when i see my children and grandchildren not worried about what to eat and what to wear, It makes me happy and I enjoy each moment of this precious life thanking God for the wonder's he did in my life"